A cooproduction of the “Praktika” theater and “the Brusnikin studio”

This show, based on the play by Vladimir Sorokin, offers a new look at the eternal Russian myth of power and violence as the driving mechanisms of history.  The main characters in “Skidding” are the elite, whose position has guaranteed them freedom, welfare and immunity from harm. Their world is one of eternal celebration in a luxurious estate outside of Moscow. Soon, though, a ruthless new force will burst into their lives. The great stylist Sorokin is known for writing the unwritable. His play is a multilayered aesthetic game where the main anti-hero is language itself, turned inside out. Language becomes more dangerous than any other weapon. “Skidding” is a true dystopia permeated by Chekhovian motifs:  idle, serene conversations on the eve before an imminent collapse. This all takes place in Sorokin’s Russia, a reality at once fantastical and recognizable.